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Application scope and principle of robot ultrasonic welding equipment

DATE:2019-11-19  HITS:

PLC automatic programming, computer system control, simple and safe operation, high production efficiency, beautiful welding appearance, saving labor and saving production costs.

1.Suitable for application range, such as car side board, car decoration board, car rain board, car operating table, car hub cover, car fender, fender, jacket, car decoration strip, car anti rubbing strip, car fender, car hat rack, car
   rear door board, car gear shield, water treatment equipment Zero. Parts, PE board and plastic film welding, car bumper, car sunshade board, car license plate, car dashboard, automobile instrument, car door board, car
   storage box and so on.

2.This machine is mainly used for welding, welding, spot welding, riveting, riveting, fusion, heat sealing and linking of various plastic workpieces.


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