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Ultrasonic metal plastic welding technology: more robust iPhone in the future

DATE:2019-11-19  HITS:

      The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently announced an apple or a patent -- Ultrasonic Bonding of Discrete Plastic Parts to Metal. This is the new technology that Apple has developed for portable devices, such as iPhone, and hopes to replace the adhesive by using ultrasonic welding technology to permanently combine the metal parts of the device with the plastic.
      Ultrasonic welding technology is not a new concept. Compared with adhesive, it has higher reliability. But if we want to combine two completely different materials, such as plastic and plastic, the ultrasonic welding process is very difficult.
It is not ideal for many very delicate portable devices if they have to change metal materials into plastic materials in the design process of the product because of the problem of binding. Apple's idea is to make the metal surface uneven, so that it can better integrate the molten plastic material. When the melted plastic material comes into contact with the uneven surface of the metal, it will gradually cool and finally form, so that it can be well fitted to the surface of the metal.
      This patented technology can be used in external metal parts and internal plastic parts in iPhone and iPad products. It can increase the flexibility and diversity of product design. In addition, the technology of metal and plastic blending can also be used in the production process of products. Apple said in a patent document that the patented technology is conducive to the integration of metal parts at the final stage of equipment assembly.


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