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How to choose a high quality ultrasonic welding machine?

DATE:2019-11-11  HITS:

         At present, there are many brands of ultrasonic welding machines on the market. Users can consider the size, material and economic conditions of welded parts according to their needs.

       Type of ultrasonic welding machine

        1. The ultrasonic welding machine operates in two ways: keystroke and touch screen. The structure of the ultrasonic welding machine is simple, the machine box is separated from the body, the floor area is small, the adjustment of the machine is stable, the precision of welding is high, the price is good, and it is easy to move. Suitable for welding size plastic parts, widely used. Such as products sold on the market: computer controlled ultrasonic welding machine, intelligent precision ultrasonic welding machine, square column ultrasonic welding machine, small ultrasonic welding machine, and so on.

        2. the ultrasonic welding machine has three kinds of operation: double button type, touch screen adjustment and multi button type. The ultrasonic welding machine has fine structure, integrated chassis and body, and four pulleys under the machine platform for easy movement. It has the advantages of small footprint, stable machine adjustment, relatively expensive price, and high precision of welding large plastic parts. It is suitable for welding large and irregular plastic parts, and is widely used. Such as products sold on the market: desktop ultrasonic welding machine, double head ultrasonic welding machine, three ultrasonic welder, four ultrasonic welder, multi head ultrasonic welding machine, etc.

       Attention should be paid to the selection and purchase of ultrasonic welding machine.

       A. configuration: the performance advantage of the ultrasonic welding machine depends on the configuration. Therefore, it is very important to choose the suppliers who have more than ten years of research and     
           development. The first choice is that the ultrasonic welding machine of the computer touch screen is the first choice. This kind of touch screen adjustment type adjusting machine is stable and fast, and the welding
           plastic parts are perfect and high precision.
       B. appearance: we should choose beautiful appearance, uniform hue and loss of style, solid and reliable shell structure, smooth and uniform shell, uniform color and so on.
       C. functions: all switches are flexible, reliable, keypad, touch-screen, precise and fast.
       D. network popularity: the reputation of the brand on the network, if the network is not well known, no real shooting, no direct evidence, no other related documents are not trusted.
       E. we suggest that we should try our best to visit and understand the supplier's strength and reputation. After all, spending tens of thousands of dollars on machines is not a small thing.


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