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Remember the ten ring principle. Ultrasonic welding machine maintenance is not a thing.

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Ultrasonic welding is a quick, clean and effective assembly process for assembling thermoplastic parts and some synthetic components. At present, it is used to bond between plastic products, bond between plastic products and metal parts and other non plastic materials. It has replaced solvent adhesive, mechanical fixation and other bonding technology. It is an advanced assembly technology. At the same time, the same or dissimilar metals can be intergrated with the metal surface molecules by cold grinding and horizontal movement under appropriate pressure to achieve the purpose of welding. Ultrasonic welding not only has the function of connecting and assembling, but also has the waterproof and waterproof sealing effect.
welding method
1: ultrasonic welding: ultrasonic vibration with ultrasonic welding mold, the ultrasonic energy conduction to the plastic surface welding, thus producing local high temperature, so that the plastic surface melting. Under the pressure of Xinyu ultrasonic welding machine, two pieces of plastic can be welded, beautiful and firm.
2: ultrasonic implantation: screw nuts or other metals into plastic workpieces. The ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the metal through an ultrasonic machine. After high-speed vibration heating, the metal is directly embedded into the plastic under the pressure of the ultrasonic machine.
3: ultrasonic riveting: the metal and plastic or two different properties of the plastic joint, the ultrasonic machine can be used to riveting, so that the weld is not easy to brittle, beautiful, strong.
4: ultrasonic spot welding: using the small ultrasonic head of the ultrasonic machine, the two pieces of plastic products are divided into multi point welding, or the whole toothed welding head is pressed directly on the two pieces of plastic work, thus the effect of ultrasonic spot welding is achieved.
5: ultrasonic molding: use ultrasonic wave machine to melt the plastic workpiece instantaneously, and when the plastic solidifies, it can make metal or other material plastic firmly.
6: ultrasonic wave excision: using ultrasonic welding mold and the special design of the bottom, ultrasonic wave through the ultrasonic wave to achieve ultrasonic removal of cloth or plastic effect.
Ten principles for the maintenance of ultrasonic equipment
1. first move the mouth and then do it
For a fault ultrasonic plastic welding machine, we should not rush to do it. We should first inquire about before and after the failure and the failure. For ultrasonic plastic welders which are not very familiar, they should also be familiar with circuit principles and structural features, and comply with the relevant rules. Before disassembly, we should be fully familiar with the function, position, connection mode of each electrical component and the relationship with other devices around it. In the case of no assembly drawing, it should be dismantled at the same time, drawing a sketch and marking it.
2. first external post internal
We should first check the maintenance history of the ultrasonic equipment, the condition of ultrasonic welding, the temperature of the ultrasonic mould, the service life and so on, and then check the machine inside the machine. The fault factors that should be queued up before the demolition should be removed before it can be removed after the internal faults are found. Otherwise, the equipment can be repaired more badly if it is dismantled blindly.
3. first mechanical electrical
First of all, you must first eliminate the problems of ultrasonic mold, and then do electrical examination. When checking the fault of the circuit, the detection instrument should be used to find the fault location, and the operation relationship between the line and the machine should be checked again, so as to avoid the misjudgement.
4. first static and post dynamic
When the equipment is not energized, determine whether the buttons, contactors, relays and fuse of electrical equipment are good or bad, so as to determine the location of the fault. Electricity test, listen to its voice, touch, measure parameters, determine faults, and finally repair.
Maintenance of ultrasonic welding machine after 5. cleaning
For heavy electrical equipment, clean the buttons, wiring points and contact points to check whether the external control keys are out of order. A lot of faults are caused by dirty and conductive dust blocks. Once a cleaning fault occurs, it will often be eliminated.
6. first power amplifier board
The failure rate of the power amplifying part of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is very high in the whole ultrasonic equipment, so the power amplification part of the ultrasonic generator is often twice the result of half the effort.
7. first and later special
Failure caused by assembly parts quality or manufacturing process generally accounts for about 50% of common failures. The failure of ultrasonic equipment is mostly a rigid fault. It is necessary to carefully check and exclude the problem before starting the experiment easily.
8. first outside and back inside
First, do not rush to replace damaged electrical components. When confirming that the peripheral circuit is normal, consider replacing the damaged electrical components.
9. first DC exchange
When it is overhauled, the DC voltage must be checked first, and then the dynamic working point of the circuit is exchanged. If it is the problem of the filter circuit, it will cause the system problem of the whole machine. The DC power supply of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is generally 300V, or +-160V partial pressure.
10. debug after failure
In some cases, all the damaged parts are replaced, but it is still not normal. It is necessary to check the debugging problem of the protection system, the current large protection, the large frequency protection, the single premise is that the frequency modulation inductor must be in the right position, if the deviation from the normal position is too far, the power amplifier may be damaged during the process of debugging. Board. Pay attention to the inductance of 20kHz, the American line is about 1.1MH, the Taiwan line is about 0.8mh, and the frequency modulation inductance of 15KHz Taiwan line is about 1.50mH. Be sure to rotate the inductor to normal position before debugging.


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