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"Made in China" solar ultrasonic metal welding unit achieves mass production.

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       Recently, I learned from the Foshan Chu Xin mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., the solar ultrasonic metal welding machine designed and manufactured by Chu Xin electromechanical system has been formally downline and publicly displayed. This is another major technological innovation result of Chu Xin mechanical and electrical following the successful development of the first single, manual and full plate ultrasonic metal welding machine with independent intellectual property rights in 2007.
       Chu Xin mechanical and electrical technology research and development personnel told reporters that the solar ultrasonic metal welding unit gathered the highest technical achievements of the research and development of Chu Xin mechanical and electrical in the past five years, with 100% independent intellectual property rights. Its generator circuit uses the world's most advanced PLL phase-locked loop frequency automatic tracking technology (such as AMTECH, STAPLA, TELSONIC), changing the mould and working without frequency modulation. The output amplitude is continuously adjustable, and the welding copper and aluminum can be realized on the same equipment. Its nominal power is 3.6KW, the actual power capacity is 5.4KW. Under the same operating conditions, the power capacity is 3 times higher than the average power capacity of the domestic counterparts; the unique transducer manufacturing process is used to guarantee the high quality transducer. 20kHz's transducer, which can bear more than 5kW load, has sufficient power capacity to ensure the maximum stability for soldering solar heat absorbing board. The use of high quality alloy steel to make welding head is comparable to that of similar products in Europe and America. The control system uses PLC program control, touch screen control, welding energy and time. There are three basic control modes, and many quality control software meet different needs. In addition, almost all processing surfaces are grinding and electroplating, with high machining precision and solid frame structure.
       Welding head and other accessories
According to authoritative data, solar ultrasonic metal welding machine has been widely used in automotive, refrigeration, solar, battery, electronics and other fields since its advent. However, as of 2007, only four equipment manufacturers in the United States and Europe have mastered this core technology and production technology, and domestic enterprises have not been able to overcome this difficulty. The Chinese market is also monopolized by a German equipment manufacturing giant.
In June 2007, with the success of the first generation of ultrasonic metal welding equipment made in China, it broke the monopoly of the core technology of ultrasonic metal welding in Europe and America, filled the blank of the domestic enterprises in the field of ultrasonic metal welding in the world! The first equipment manufacturer that truly mastered the technology and can achieve mass production.
It is worth mentioning that, at the same time, Chu Xin mechatronics, absorbing foreign ultrasonic metal welding technology, through technological innovation, in some performance parameters, even surpassed the foreign competitors. For example, the application of "whole plate roll welding" makes the solar ultrasonic welding machine improve the energy saving of the similar products of foreign countries by 5%. The application of "PLC program control system" can realize the optimization combination and quality assurance of the whole ultrasonic metal welding line, and fully meet the individualized demand of different solar plants.
      Solar rolling welding sample
A senior researcher at the China Solar Industry Association said that the Chu Xin mechanical and electrical solar ultrasonic metal welding unit improved the product line of the domestic solar heat utilization industry, breaking the technological monopoly of the European and American countries on the field of solar equipment, which would greatly enhance the competition of Chinese solar brands at home and abroad. It is just around the corner to change the "cheese" situation of Germany's equipment manufacturing giant enjoying exclusively the market of China's solar ultrasonic metal welding machine.
In addition, the solar industry is still short of the industry standard for welding equipment. The successful development of the Chu Xin mechanical and electrical solar ultrasonic metal welding machine will help to promote the establishment of the standard in this field, so that the domestic solar enterprises will develop along a more efficient, energy saving and healthy track.


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