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Robot + ultrasonic Tesla battery pack for the first time

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We all know that the 85kW h version of the Tesla battery pack consists of nearly 7000 18650 lithium batteries. But the actual situation of the battery pack has not been seen by many. The battery analysis published before is mostly based on the analysis of Tesla battery patents. This is the last mystery of the Tesla battery that will be unveiled by GeekCar's little partners.
Battery module
Robot + Sonic Tesla battery pack for the first time
This picture is the panorama of the entire battery pack of the Model S chassis. The Model S has 16 battery packs, and the bottom block has two batteries, which have been dismantled by the knight errant.
Tesla is covered with a fiberglass panel on each battery pack to protect the battery. Every two batteries are separated by a metal beam. The bottom left corner is the fuse of the entire battery pack, and the right side is the coolant interface and the coolant filling port of the battery.
Single block battery pack
Robot + Sonic Tesla battery pack for the first time
This is the Tesla very tall lithium battery pack, on which there are 444 batteries in all, every 74 nodes in parallel, and the entire panel is made up of 6 sets of batteries. So we can figure out that there are 7104 sections of 18650 lithium batteries on this Tesla Model S 85.
Robot + Sonic Tesla battery pack for the first time
The 6 partitions of the battery pack are shown in the red line above. The structure of this battery panel is centrally symmetrical. Why it is arranged in such a way, it must have been tested and verified. GeekCar speculated that this arrangement is to achieve lower average resistivity and better heat dissipation with heat pipes.
Robot + Sonic Tesla battery pack for the first time
The wires in the middle of the battery pack are connected to the battery's plate and the other to the battery control module. These lines are used to detect the battery's voltage to ensure that the battery operates normally.
Again, you can see that every battery has a very thin fuse, which is used to protect the whole battery. When the single cell is too high, the fuse will fuse automatically to protect the whole battery. (the positive and negative pole of each battery will have a fuse. ).
So many fuse needs to be welded on the circuit board is a very big project, from the technical point of view, it should be done by special robots using ultrasonic welding.
BMS main control chip
Robot + Sonic Tesla battery pack for the first time
Tesla's battery master module, which is printed on the PCB board logo, is fully developed by Tesla. The circuit board uses a large number of resistors and capacitors for signal conditioning. Just on the side we see, there are 6 sets of electrical signal acquisition lines.
Because Tesla uses 18650 lithium batteries, the lithium battery is the battery used in our laptop computer, so its electronic control technology is very mature. Although I think many ways can not see the model of the chip on the main board, it is still possible to speculate that the main charge and discharge management chips and battery meter on the upper surface can be speculated. The volume management chip, compared to the notebook battery, its complex place should be on the multi-channel battery signal acquisition and control algorithms, after all, the monitoring of hundreds of thousands of batteries for electric vehicles and the battery monitoring around 10 sections of the laptop are not at an order of magnitude.


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