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Ultrasonic metal welding or turning point into solar energy technology

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With the development of new community, low rent housing and housing construction in recent years, the demand for the solar water heater (system) has repressed the countryside again, showing a vigorous vitality. The solar heat market again faces the return to the city after more than ten years in the countryside. The city's light and heat market demands a higher demand for the combination of solar energy and building. Therefore, the flat panel solar energy is favored by the city's light and heat market with the characteristics of its easy to combine with the building, the flexibility of installation and design and the saving of the public exposure area.
Technology constrained solar energy industry breaks through: "the heart is surplus but the strength is insufficient".
However, in the development process of the previous decades, solar energy enterprises are mostly interest oriented, especially the vacuum tube solar water heater which is relatively low in the development and production technology threshold and is popular in the countryside. Only a few enterprises insist on the research and development of flat solar energy and the breakthrough of technology. Therefore, in the face of the rapid warming of the city market, many solar enterprises seem to have a "lack of strength". In order to expand the city market but the barrier of flat solar technology, we can only seek to cooperate with the flat panel solar enterprises or build a flat solar energy production line.
China's solar energy utilization industry is in the leading level in the world, but it is limited to the vacuum tube solar water heater, but the advanced technology of flat panel solar energy has been monopolized by the European and American countries, which makes the development of the Chinese flat solar industry limited and is difficult to open the pattern in the world. The collector performance of flat panel solar collectors is no longer a problem. Then what is the difference between China's flat panel solar energy and foreign flat panel solar energy? On the one hand, the difference is in the welding and coating process of flat panel solar collectors.
In the welding process, plate solar is facing the welding splice of the plate collector itself and the welding connection between the collector and the heat conduction tube. An excellent flat panel solar product not only has excellent thermal performance, but also transfers heat effectively through the heat medium to the water. Value. China's flat panel solar products have adopted traditional welding methods for many years, not only in low efficiency, but also in large energy consumption, resulting in a large amount of waste of raw materials and energy. Most of the quality of the products produced is not passed, many failures and high cost of use. At the same time, the core coating technology and advanced welding technology of flat panel solar energy are in the hands of a few European and American countries, such as the United States and Germany, and have been monopolized. The scientific research ability of the Chinese flat panel solar enterprises is not enough to solve these technical problems. Thus, China's flat panel solar industry has not been able to obtain a large number of years. The reason for the expansion of scale.
On the one hand, it is the wireless vitality brought about by the construction of new cities. On the one hand, it is the lack of industrial breakthrough ability caused by technology restriction. To seize the opportunity to achieve industrial upgrading, and then win the first opportunity in the national and international market, the technical problem has become the biggest problem in front of the eyes.
Breaking the barriers of "made in China" ultrasonic metal welding to achieve mass production
As we all know, equipment upgrading is a key and important aspect that restricts the overall upgrading of the solar industry. In the face of the plight of the upgrading of the industry, the only ultrasonic metal welding equipment manufacturer in China has recently come out of a fully automatic ultrasonic metal rolling welding unit in Foshan Shunde District Chu Xin mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. Attracted the industry's great efforts
It is reported that this new automatic full plate ultrasonic metal rolling welding machine developed by Chu Xin electric machinery is specially applied to flat plate solar heat absorbing plate. Its generator circuit uses the world's most advanced PLL phase-locked loop frequency automatic tracking technology (such as AMTECH, STAPLA, TELSONIC), changing the mould and working without frequency modulation. The output amplitude is continuously adjustable, and the welding copper and aluminum can be realized on the same equipment. Its nominal power is 3.6KW, the actual power capacity is 5.4KW. Under the same working condition, the power capacity is 3 times higher than the average power capacity of the domestic counterparts; the unique transducer manufacturing process is used to guarantee the high quality transducer.
20kHz's transducer, capable of bearing more than 5kW load, has sufficient power capacity to ensure the maximum stability for soldering solar heat absorbing plates. The use of high quality alloy steel to make welding heads is comparable to that of similar products in Europe and America. The control system uses PLC program control, touch screen control, welding energy, and time There are three basic control modes of inter and height. Many quality control software meet different needs. In addition, almost all processing surfaces are grinding and electroplating. The machining precision is high and the frame structure is stable.
Through further understanding, the first generation of ultrasonic metal welding equipment, which was developed by Chu Xin mechanical and electrical equipment in 2007, has come out. It broke the monopoly pattern of ultrasonic welding technology in Europe and America, and took the lead in realizing the breakthrough and practical application of ultrasonic metal welding technology in China. But at that time, the ultrasonic metal wave welding technology was only used in a few flat panel solar enterprises, such as Guangdong five star solar energy, with the rapid development of the flat panel solar industry in the last two years, the advantages of ultrasonic metal welding technology have aroused more and more attention.
On the basis of the first generation of product, the automatic whole board ultrasonic metal roll welding machine developed by Chu Xin electromechanical device has realized "semi mechanized" to "fully mechanized" upgrade. The unit equipment can not only greatly improve production efficiency, save manpower cost, but also reduce energy.


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