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Servo Pulse meshes welding machine
summaryServo motor with precision ball screw, precision guide rail, pulse heating, titanium alloy hot press head, fast heating, fast cooling, multi section heating, with 0-10KG pressure sensor, can do pressure reference; process safety grating protection as...
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   Functional Characteristics:

Servo control , precise ball screw & guide rail.
      Coupled with Titanium alloy heating tip to achieve rapid heating, cooling &multi-stage cooling.
      Pressure sensor (0-10KGS).
      Light curtain for safety.
      7"Human interface & PLC control panel.

  Main Technical Parameters:
     Power:                                      AC 220V/50Hz                         

     Working Temp:                        10-40
     Welding Pressure:                    0.5-0.7Mpa      
     Capacity:                                  5-8s/spot
     Size:                                         800*600*900mm
     Machine N.W:                          90KG


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