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Infrared plastic welding machine
summary:Infrared applications: Infrared radiation refers to the emission and propagation of battery wave in the wavelength range of 0.7-80 um. The emission and transmission process is accompanied by obvious directional energy transmission. Infrared welding....
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Infrared applications:
    Automobile :  automotive upholstery, air valves,automotive radar,air filter
    Medical :        blood analyser,fluid containers
    Household :   steam iron water tank, large size lamp-chemney,shower head
    Printing supplies: ink cartridge, toner cartridge.

Infrared fusion principle:

     In a non-contact mode, the focused infrared beam transmits heat energy to the surface of the irradiated part of the material. Plastic surface is quickly heated and plasticized under the action of infrared energy. When the surface temperature reaches the welding requirement, a certain pressure is generated on the plastic welding surface with the help of cylinder or servo motor to realize the close welding between the two parts.

Infrared fusion characteristics:

     Environmental protection and energy saving, pollution-free;
     The temperature rises rapidly and the temperature control is accurate (+/-1 C).
     Non-contact welding, high temperature permeability;
     High tensile strength, clean welding area, no smoke, no burr and dust;
     Non-destructive product appearance, sealing and waterproof, high air tightness;
     The maintenance cost is low, and the service life of infrared radiator is about 20,000-60,000 hours.
     Suitable for most thermoplastic materials, such as polycarbonate PC, polyformaldehyde POM, polyamide PA nylon, polypropylene PP.

Technical parameters of infrared welding machine

     Model:                       FJ-IR8000
     Control System:        Fujia
     Drive:                        Pneumatic/Servo/Hydraulic
     Work interface size:  350*260MM
     Weight:                     660KG
     Size:                         1420*980*1818mm


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