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Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine

1 .Pneumatic drive(air cylinder); 2 .Original Germany-made ceramic transducer; 3 .Depth mode, time mode,energy mode, pressure triggering mode; 4 ....

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine(Multi-head)

Features:Original Germany-made ceramic transducer; Depth/time/enegry mode and pressure triggering mode;Auto frequency compensatiing circuit; Data exp...

Ultrasonic Vibration Plate

The ultrasonic vibration plate device is composed of two parts of the vibration plate and the generator. It is suitable for the effect of placing in a...

Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

Single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine: the machine features: the United States high Q value transducer and West Germany bonding process. The Japanes...

Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Whole machine features: mechanical arm hand with non oil layered transmission mode, reducing pollution independent assembly independent workshop envir...

Metal Welding Sample

Welding principle: using high frequency vibration wave transmission to two welding metal surfaces, under pressure conditions, the two metal surfaces a...

Cleaning Samples

Product applications: auto parts, mobile components, electronic products, electroplating, hardware, ornaments, food, medical, chemical, electric, labo...
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