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Ultrasonic Machine(Two Heads)

SIZE: 1.8*0.7*1.7M compatibility: capacity to accommodate different sizes of product and equipment: 800 Pcs/H Function Description: two way KYOCERA ul...

Rotary Ultrasonic Welding Machine

High efficiency and environmental protection, suitable for mass production; solid welding, no deformation, no influence on appearance, ensure tightnes...

Multi-head Ultrsonic Welding Machine for Car Decoration

SIZE: 3.3*2.9*2.2M (long width and high) compatibility: multi point welding equipment capacity: 120 Pcs/H Function Description: automotive interior pa...

Automatic Assembly and Ultrasonic Machine

SIZE: 1.8*1.6*1.8M (long and wide) compatibility: automatic assembly and automatic ultrasonic equipment capacity: 600 Pcs/H Function Description: auto...

Ultrasonic Nozzle Cutting Machine

1:It's for nozzle cutting of plastic and metal products;2:Several nozzle point can be cut by one time;3:Automatic system ensures high efficiency w...
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