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Precise Pressing Machine

Applicable products: automobile, cell phone, plastic, electronics, daily necessities and other industries. Outline size: according to the product, it...

Rotary Press and Punch Machine (Multi-station)

Compact mechanism, small area, high precision and high efficiency of rotary table, multi station integration, such as hot pressing, cooling and stampi...

Rotary Press Machine (Four station)

The precision splitter ensures the precision of the weld, and uses the Japanese MITSUBISHI PLC programming controller to automatically complete the ho...

Rotary Blister Hot Pressing Machine

The mechanism is compact and the area is small. Multi station at the same time automatically absorb heat and pressure, with little manpower and high e...

Servo Hot Pressing Machine

Operation steps: first, the glue piece and the net cloth are put well, the equipment is fused with the rubber piece for the first time; then the servo...

Multi-function Automatic Machine

The servo motor is numerically controlled and has high precision. Constant temperature heating control; A two bottom die and 2 products are processe...

Standard Pressing Machine

Features of the model: Small area and light High exchange type and high versatility Easy operation and low cost Application of hot pressing, stamp...

Circular Automatic Pressing and Punch Machine

Pulse heat press: Features of the model: The machine is compact and has small area. The precision of hot pressing is high and the efficiency is hig...
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