Care employee

Fu Jia creates an efficient, relaxed and caring working atmosphere for employees to enhance their sense of well-being and promote their work and life balance. Every year we organize a series of caring staff activities, such as "family day", "annual health examination" and so on, and have placed a rich recreational and recreational facilities in the company to encourage employees to actively participate in it, advocating staff mutual care, relaxed and happy work.


technological innovation

Scientific and technological innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of enterprises. Through the implementation of the scientific concept of development, we should enhance scientific and technological progress and scientific and technological innovation, expand the scale of the industry and improve the economic efficiency. Taking sustainable development as the goal, strengthening internal management, straightening out the management mechanism, constantly cultivating new economic growth points, always adhering to independent innovation, introducing, digesting, absorbing and innovating, and realizing new leapfrogging.



Green environmental protection

We should pay attention to the best allocation of resources, optimize the harmonious relationship between people and the environment and society, and achieve the greatest social value with the least resources. We should actively create resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises.


Social public welfare

We take an active part in public welfare undertakings and enthusiastically participate in charitable activities such as donation, aid, disaster relief and relief. We have donated automation equipment to scientific research for many schools. In the future, we will encourage and lead our employees to add strength to the cause of public welfare with greater enthusiasm.

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